Nowe Mazury

Nowe Mazury

Nowe Mazury is a project of a complex of 54 single-family houses in Węgorzewo. The residential development will be located on a moraine hill stretched along the north side of Lake Święcajty, right outside of the town border of Węgorzewo. The houses will be located with different density due to the topography and the resulting landscaping advantages, which make it possible to have attractive views from the houses and the best sun exposure of the gardens and the living parts of the houses. The area of plots will be minimum 800 sqm, and each plot will have one single- family home with access to road.

The residential development should have positive impact on the quality of urban space, and as a result, on social relationships thanks to careful division and development of the area. The public area will include a square on the hill, cultivated green areas and main internal roads, which increase and attractiveness and usability of the complex. At the side of Lake Święcajty there is a city beach with modernized lake-side infrastructure.
The design of the residential development and of particular houses was worked out in relation to local architecture, but with modern, clear lines.


  • Project Manager
  • Investment supervision


  • Plot area: 51017 sqm
  • Area of development: 5058 sqm
  • Green areas: 4090 sqm
  • Number of houses: 54
  • Number of storeys: max. 3
  • Location: Węgorzewo
  • Operator: IBB Hotel Collection
  • Project value: EUR 11.7 M